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Sun Tzu said:
The art of war
is of vital importance to the State.
It is a matter of life and death,
a road either to safety or to ruin.
Hence it is a subject of inquiry
which can on no account be neglected.

Maintain perspective. Especially when
the times (& rhymes) are hectic.

The art of war, then,
is governed by five constant factors.
The theatre of war contains many actors, distractors, ex-military sub-contractors.

Along this occupation....

Calculations to be taken
into account in one's deliberations,
when seeking to determine - the conditions obtaining in the field.

Things not covered by Blue Cross,
Blue Shield. If,... We keeping it real.

These are: 'Numero Uno'...  
"The Moral Law"

That's includes... '5-Oh' Snaps !
The MPs' are Coming!

Why are You running ?!   Stunning !
Hit him with the stun-gun.

Number 2   is... "Heaven"

Shot and killed at 5 is what i heard...
reported on the News at 7;
with up-dated coverage at 11pm.

"Earth"......   is Number 3.

Many species of swift swishing fishes
in the vast-spanning Seven Seas.
Slippery Seal Teams and amphibious
maurading assaulting hardened Marines.
Desert camoflauge painted Humvees
cruise at steeping slanting degrees.
SWVs tailing in SUV's.
Dragons-flies fly sortees...
prism-pigmented spectral colorings
to attract Monarchs... naturally.
A Shout-Out to David Attenborough.
Is he a 'Sir'? [ A mental note to research ]

Number 4...   is "The Commander"

The lieutenant was adamant.
Drop Thor's Hammer 'Mjollnir'-
on their heads until they shatter.

What's the Matter? Did I s,ss,Stutter?

Please, Colonel Blackson, the bright
sun of a black man's heritage.
Tell them for me Michael...
"Don't Be A Stupid Mudda-Sucka!"
If, one Trident will do the trick;
Then, don't hestitate to
Sling-Shot Another!

In more poetic terms,... Hit'Em with
the Tap Dancing 'Step-Brotha'.

Bastard son   of which family neva utters.
His dented pewter tray disappears into the
blackness... when he is slid   his supper.

14 hours notice for the population to evacuate. Monitored triangulated routes for the caravans transportation of UN sanctioned humanitarians. No doubt unawares that... one-of-there's is helping to proliferate uranium with rogue Iranian generals. Transport the women, children, sick & the humbled rumblers; to a more fortified safer haven than what their fleeing, scurrying leaders gave them.

Solitude for Prayers.

Somebody say Amen.

Hand those there   some masks & aprons.
 They'll help with the tasks of peeling,
preparing & stewing potatoes.
Providing nourishment to fighters.
Some... whom are blossoming maidens.
Some worrisome; Swollen wombs laiden
with fertilized ripening seeds of
the next generation of hope & waning.
Alot of the fold... Cold. Don't care.
Too Many repeated unproductive Years;

Luke-warm beers & NOT enough tears.
Grouped up, alone; Too many un-faced fears. Handy in small-appliance repair.
Shaded   in Cool despair.
Mr. I Swear.... I'll Be - Jackson 5 -
Right 'There'. Sooon as i git the bus-fare.
"Just call my Name Girl and I'll Be.... "
Damn, My Obama Phone Went Dead.
Commence the Mayhem.
"Let's Get Ready To Rumble !"
& "Dunk ova Mount Mutumbo !"

A Ninja
... with similiar features. Purposely,
isolated in a jungle concrete bunker.

This warlord punk clown -
thought he could hunker down.
T-minus 13 hours till the whole basin is
smothering in au-gratin justified suffering.
My spittal like missiles - Thunder Dome .
With searing white heat that melts the
precious metals of shiny blingy-things.

Nobody Relax. Hulk Say SMASH !
At a forward glancing slanting velocity
for unstoppable advancing. Avalanching Quicker than Barry Allen's adrenline-fueled, after-dark steroid-infused, b-boy break-dancing break-through moves,
hyperactive, imaginative vision of
lightning striking FASTly - akin to
tetra-sonic-spasmatic risk of exrtacorporal strained wrists experiencing compounded fracturing. Factoring in sporadic attack Slashes, ass-whippings - propagating initial ideal conditions for DJ Frank Flash's 1&2s turbulent turbo-charged sychromatic ambidextrous disc throwers' spazzing?

      I'm not really asking .

I exclaim & explain in rhetorical flames...
- Why; and while - still sipping
      on caustic acid.

There's a flood ravishing the land.

The region's largest dam 'collapsed'.
Re-draw the geo-topological map.
The battle-ax attack Apache swats
the fiesty mosquitoes & naughty gnats.
Fanning pulverizing hell-fires...


into the entrenched enemy's
burning & smoldering
decimated habitat.

The multitude of their spinning -
tumblers rapidly emptying.
Echoing, conclusive, reverberating
fire-power against the trembling mountain's clustered huddled shelves.
I thought I faintly heard a small cry-

like from a shy quiet elf - for 'Help'.

then shifted to - a 'Review'....
I can't seem to remove from Yelp.
I paused - on a moment - with Uniqua.

before she became a creature of the night. Like Blade - but on the wrong side.
A sprite; trying to be 'Bonnie' with Clyde...
in a growing city-wide crime syndicate.
illegitimate sublime red-lining thoughts...
  Tokyo Drift sprinting...

              to Beethoven's 5th . . .   . .   .

           Number 5  

     is  Method and Discipline

Are you sitting upright,
focused and attentively listening?

Dont' be George or Michael
and divulge our plans
with a 'Careless Whisper'.

Be a better operative -
than 'a good friend'. You know damn well - like the word play fans....
the cold war enemies are listening in.

to a cell phone number you gave to known, former, uncanny associates of
dis-graced traitor, Edward Snowden.

Another - ( 'Better-Not-Be' leaked )...
Breaking News Story - for another day -
from a typical day at an off-site
black ops office.

The NSA's got 99 Problems...
and in Prime Slot #1...
is On-going Terrorist Activity.
Like Dame still has something
to say about Jay. With no resolution.
Only a goofy & faulty execution
of a plug for a re-vamped retro brand.
Come'on man. Smoking?!
  Got to be Joking?!   Lower your voice...
Pleease, dont provoke him.

Well, if that ain't a muslim man-
helping himself to an engulfing bite
of an Ed Hardy Ham Sandwich.

"The Bohrium calling the Thorium"....
       R  A  D I   O   A  C  T I V E !

The east coast gH0St host Phantom prose showcase of Hip-hop-OPeratic unpublished non-censored episodes of hypo-critical hyper-surreal drama. Wearing of thinking through - where to correctly - grammatically - place the commas. This is a lot more different
than writing a check for a million dollars.

Transgressions causing indigestion.
Inflammation. Respitory congestion.
Be advised : You are to proceed
at your own neglected discretion.

Who backed up this... afore-mentioned
so-called 'optimistic' lucrative venture.
The same conglomerate
behind PM iller's 'Moneyatti'?

Some say... ' illuminati ' ;

But, however,...
that's not even a real thing ?
This pod-cast 'interview' is
nauseating & loathable.
AND... mind you -these BDU's
are still considered highly fashionable.
You may stand at...

"At Ease.",... If you so please.

I use a lot of acronyms ATF, FBI, IBM,
M-16s, CDC, NIH, DMV, EMP's.
Because impressionable youthful minds get their hands on my mixtape Mp3s and corrosive audio CDs. Limited Series GH05T L@B3L DVDs.  Sooo..., instead of only merely partially learning to be
de-sensitized to the vulgarity of the corporate landscape, boulevards and streets; They can also supplementally acquire knowledge of essential survival A,B,C's. I'm a village elder. ( Some in the counsel murmur... 'Idiot'. ) Still. I got flames to weld Boyz-2-Men. If... they choose reflection and retention.
Too much slacking.   "Stand At Attention !"
With a hungry eagle's eyes focus, glare,
abdominal core-cavity muscles tensioned.

The Posture of : I'm Jump'in IN !
Not the shallow end - my following...   renditioning. Do i sound like a
glibber-ish-ly spitting MC (?) Do I sound like Too-Short, Snoop Dog, Redman?!
If so then... Cut me off real quick.
[To bar any confusion; that bar iS a diss]
If i don't sound like slim;.... Remain on my culturally rebellingly educating
liberating black ink bic.

There will be... NO cell phone viewing, perusing,... while I'm the one speaking.

I have entirely too much self-respect....
to even find myself in that sort of networking format.
I might as well - chill in a crack-den.
I feel like.... I'm What's Happenin'.
ESPECIALLY,... If (& while) I'm rappin'?!
Call it arrogance. Assess me a 'Flagrant'.
I call it - proper....   civil decorum .
I'm talking here. Put up - for sure -
your phuckin' phone man.

I uNDerStand... the Hot-Ham 2nd Amendment. Stop playing.... those games. That's lame. WE share the lane.
And you're moving slow - While you're talking fast. And you can't gas - me up. That's enough of that. Not here. to teach the rude... how not to be rude.
That might appear to make me look like
i'm worst than rude. A prude.

with My Rap-Manga-Stylings.....

There is one 'Z' and three 'E's -
in the words Sneeze and Squeeze .
Also, "Freeze".


     "Freeze !   Dr. Freeze !    FREEZE !!!

    Enough With
the entitling attitude
              with how you commit felonies."

I'm now working with the authorities.

I came in my own modified retro-fitted chinook. They had my passport photo; with a stack of papers... in a manila folder.  Through the crackle over the Motorola.   Heard them say... "Bring him over... to Research & Development."
      To play chess?    To fellowship?

They asked me for the C.E.O.'s documents. How did they know about
the 'middle-finger' drive AND the
digitized blueprints ( hmmm??? )

They offered a uniquely intriquing deal like Bob Parker. Plus 2 million cash on the table at the sky bar's restaurant.
Proffered by a seductive intellectually mesmerizingly stunning brazillian female agent with - who looked like Dolph Lundgren as a bodyguard for 'protection'.
I threw her a bar - She grabbed me in an armbar and expeditiously threw me across the bar! Said she 'learned judo from three of her Gracie Uncles.' We enjoyed brunch. Sparred at the Hotel's Gym. At 8pm picked over a mindfully-prepared 7 course meal - scrumptiously tintilating french cooked dinner.
And then i bidded her...
'Good Night'. She seemed offended.
I enjoyed a good night's sleep - in a sweet
air-conditioned and well-appointed suite.
    until i turn state's evidence ( ? )
Despite the fact- that I was innocent.
I.D. showed... I'm an out-of-the-state
resident. See how that's relevant?

I'm not even from this Planet !

It would break code - to reveal to them my actual address. Plus, they don't process an accurate ( ANY ) astral map.
Can't re-quintenplotabulate and use GPS.
Sure as hell, cannot guess ???
'Cookie' & the academically gifted sisters - cannot DO the math. You'll need exact...
17X50 plotted dimensional co-ordinates.

Magnus Carlsen & a 'think tank'
at Cern having trouble comprehending.
Beating their chests in frustration - venting. Playing a game of chess to help with stimulating a relatable rational contemplation. Apparently, a knight is not duly dedicated to the throne.   If - it is required to tell a soldier twice to...
"Move & Bring IT Along." Then there is something that is glaringly wrong. Most likely, he simply.... does not here, belong. He is not an heir. Remove him from the willing throng. We provided him with provisions - advised him to go west.
He left two hours ago - headed due north.
And left without water.

I'm a rolling stone's throw away from - where-ever I lay 'Excalibur'...
is my home.

I have a life-sparing back-up, humane
'human' strong defense against the crooked cops. I Have the original copy of the Corner Store's 24 hr. VHS surveillance Tape!

Dismissed : international code violations.
Pending - due to be dropped...
federal charges.
I continue with my Double-0's license to -
fire off semi-automatic freestyle barrages.
Bankrupt the corrupted incorrigible competitors. Caused the derailment and subsequent train wreck - where our opposing thoughts on the matter conflicted.
I'm deliciously, unmovingly, convicted. Accelerating in my persistence unrelenting indefensible offensiveness against pestilence - assisting myself intercepting the inter-loopers transactions at the clover-leafing intersection. During de-briefing- told of the 'bad luck' for them and their recruited irish henchmen. Borrowing Atlas's levers, a spool of string, to cleverly on time interrupt their
co-ordinated scheduled delivery & reception of the illegally smuggled
black-market enriched plutonium.

As the newly appointed Director spoke from the podium; I reflectively imagined the shockwave of the ensuing cleansing pandemonium. The sanitizing refreshingly
    -- a moment to breeathhee in deep --
rejuvenating aroma of ammonia. In a properly diluted formula. McGyers'
Pine-sol.   Destroying bacterium.

There will be an up-roaring of public hysteria.   Sensationalized and streamed by every major broadcasting news media.

Collateral of reform, a senator barks.
    Silently wishing - forehead dampening,
        that - she held back those remarks.

The carbon-fiber-glass graphite-coated
Phoneix had ascended before pre-dawn.
Re-imagined DaVinci design.
Ancient Mesopotamic mechanical Cicada.
Nestling in military history's memory;
to spawn to man's future awe & agony.
Sailing a translucent slip-stream - too elevated to be seen - by the un-aided,
un-trained normal eye. The silver lining - scripted. to deliver an award winning performance. Like Jack Nicholson's big gig

'The Shining' A huge theatrical movie hit.

While delivering the daily mail - feeling like he's 'taking in & seeing everything'.
A short-cladded - tall caucasian male is nervously lustfully observing. His focus
& attention is a blonde hottie with 2 twin toddlers and a cross-fit body spilling Starbucks coffee - while trying to untangle the tied-up leashes of her triplet collies...
"Ollie, 'O-G' & Molly".

        for the part of that -   that's cute.

and does not require a parachute; or a diet of Sesame Street Branded Premium-Blended bird seeds. Observe people die from a bird's eye view. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest's upon seeing the video and reading the Captioned Text.

This freestyle - like so many others.
Needs a team of fact-checkers and editors. With extra high-level...
Top-Secret Cleareance Credentials.
They are formally forbidden to speak with
Mo'Nique' (Hicks). Consequentially, it may
be smart - to also avoid conversing with
Steve Harvey & step-daughter Lori. JesSay'in.

60% of my Field Reports - are re-dacted.
Access through the Freedom of Information Act.   That is hilarious !
Good Luck with that. Shelve that. The question I'm pondering... "How do I", as opposed to the entity which employs me... "get stuck with sanctions!?"
Chuck - this bad luck hockey puck, muck.
Diplomatic embassy gate-keeper hassles.
I'm not kissing the crusty butts of those snotty nose ass-holes.
I'll stay stuck in Baumholder.
I've earned 2 weeks repose.

"Danke, schönen Tag noch."

"Thank You, Have A Nice Day : )

Anyway;... Excuse me, while I castle...

Queen-side, and run the country-side diagonal. Create a forking position strangle hold. Construct the 'At twilight" ambush. The 'Y'All Fell For That!?'... booby trap!   Crush the ill-speaking bishop's vocal cords.   Advance the g file pawn inconspicuously along. The black swan - composing the song; harks his horn - sound waves ripples the placid pond.
21 moves to promotion. The middle rivaling has set the end game into motion. Consider maybe - taking some notes (?)
NOT... my lady's currency -
We aren't crooks.
Follow closely as we navigate around this twisting brook. Not that close... You're standing on my under-armour cladded pivot foot.
Now, watch & learn how : as i sabotage
and implode the two brooding formidable asymetrical Rooks.


The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.

The global hawk is exiting the hanger.
Unfriendly to strangers. Gang Bangers.
Pre-emptive Strike without anger.

The serpent will be de-fanged.

Heaven signifies night and day,
cold and heat, times and seasons.

Foreign agents abidingly abetting treason.
Corrupting and manipulating for lowly
selfishly-motivated mundane financial reasons. Loyally, royally decieving.
With lies they concieved - and now ardently feverishly also believe in. also Chronic NoN-pulmonary Heart disease.

Dear Father, Please... Help Me to See,
Choose Clearly. To Love, Respect, Honor,
Serve More Humanly Earnestly.

Pray also for- and have pity for and on
- the servient shadow puppet masters.
Our investigative techniques detected
and averted another nuclear disaster.
We need to increase our agility;
Be smarter, Move faster .

Through wind-shear - an erupted left ear canal, excessive - not-to-mention extremely expensive hard-to-get munitions- detonating explosive rounds. The got-damn crumbling over-priced rented-out amphitheater is coming down. Focus now... Go and secure the crown. Then bring the town car around - to ferry me to a 'meet' on the other side of town.
Get-all-of-that down .

Reading Master Sun's lips...
His words being muted by the weather's bustlings. His strategy, soothingly very clear. His enlightning fiery insightfulness felt as if it may have been divinely inspired. Poured out as sodium crystalline from my glands. Gritty like the alabaster turned to sand - blasting my jowls with cold northern winds from the dry midlands of neigboring eastern Pakistan.

I'm outside waiting for the Israeli-borne liaison to deliver the package.
They're never early. It's hypnotic -
the Black Hawk's blades rotating - it's iron appendages oscillating, pirouetting, artistically, violently, ferociously twirling .

    It' gotten late. It's now mid-evening.

    You ain't my dj. Yet,... You're trying to
  M!X and Turn the Tables. On me! I see...

 i.a. Wants Me ASAP.  Back at the Farm.

I instruct the class: "Dice, Iron & Charm".
Multi-tasking - i'm curing the resin to manufacture dissolvable shurikens
and arm assassin's with knowledge of
guerilla toxicology & botanical pharm.
Versed in 18 Methods of Extreme H.A.R.M.
A moment please,... while i dis-arm
my son's home-made, impovished
black-lives-ANTi-matter bomb.
You were only supposed to do these
Arts & Crafts when supervised by your sister. What is the location... ie 'where-abouts-
of Mom - Young Mister Administrator?

Co-Parenting skills. The wherewithall to
bare & single-handedly maim & kill.
Humility... to clean-up my own foam when
my hazardous poems boil over and spill.
Blade in the heel - blood-dripped
Salvatore Ferragamo wing-tips.
Recover my spent cartridges' shell-casings off of the now stained -
'strain-resistant' lobby's carpet.
A lil' moonshine over ice;
Orangeburg County star-shine frosty-cold nights. Emitting a foggy glowing ambient floating moisty light. My trusty Mossberg autoloader, a mini-tv... Listening to Kurt Loder; Previously recorded from MTV;
A deck-of-cards for Gin-Rummy & Poker.
No 'Check Out My Hooters' pull-out adult center-fold magazine posters. However,
it ain't Broke-back Mountain.
Don't be slighted by a prejudicial
sounding disclaimer. I'm focused.
Working to avoid the hocus-pocus.
Don't ask me.... who Kurt Loder is.
I know I've gotten older.
A veteran pusher of strollers -
BEFORE Twitter, SnapChat...
AND Facebook.

tick TOOK. tick should give it back.
tiK toK ? Something like that.

Before Screw, Drill, Trap, Mumble Rap.

Sardine cans stash for hungry tummy.
I ain't no dummy - came prepared
to cook fish on a portable propane grill.
Guarding - maybe - clansmens' still.

Quiet for a minute. [ finger over lips ]
  "SSShhhhhhhh...", doesss it sound like
        someone's approaching ?

Excuse me, Shit!,... I might be trippin'.

Dungaree Carthartt, duck hunting,
assorted camping gear. It got foul.
They started moving birds -
for REALLY real.

It iS... Very real in the field;

IF... mid-volume illicit drug-trafficking
  is your field of occupation.
   How many of you - can feel me.
     Know what I'm saying?

A license with a sheild -
Carries a certain...
globally-accepted seducing sex-appeal.
Five-point beveled Stars encrusted.
'Red-white-and-Die-Hard-blue' official...
'unofficial' platinum seal of government.
A bold bald American eagle represents.
Buffers... my confidence;
Energizing my zeal. Tempering... A Calm.

I splinter the vortex and Enter The Storm.

According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one's plans.

Looking into me dicerningly,
    Master Sun asked...
        "Do You Understand?"

               All Warefare is
                  based on deception.

Our mission in the city -
Can we... destroy 'Dispensor'...
{ a physical manifestation of ignorance }
before he proceeds transforming the landscape into an unlivable
environment of detritus.

What does that word mean ?
{ Waste, debris of any kind }
Even a discarded pair of Calvin Kleins.
Justin screams... "Those are Mine!"
Actually,.... those belong to Hailey (?!)

Do our duty diligently.

We'll need more freestyle artillery.
A tower of Peaveys...
Call the Boss.   Admiral Stavridis?!
Of Course Not... Hell No!

Call 'Bruce Springteen'.
Ask him to also band-up his A-Team
that's bar-hopping on E Street.

Who knows 'Flea', Terminator X?   See if we

can requisite Stevie Nick's Cyborg Replicant !

Clear the airfield and clear the lane.
Locate, then send - the errant Reverend's commandeered private jet plane to
arrange to retain - the ordained elder brother now Pastor,... Jeremy McClain.

Try not to be so judgemental - about the
installation of the experimental piloting a.i. - navigating the system's aviation.
This flight is a baptizing; and allows the engineers to confirm the celestial filament's atmospheric static particle-charging and system's re-wiring. If...,
The Argon-Neuro-Ghost-Emplifier-Link
is properly firing.

I'm supplying you with limited access to classified information. Until you've gone through the established channels for vetting. That's about all you're getting...
on that subject. You've obviously been - preliminarily selected.

The star reference chart indicated with never-failing preciscion.   With adjustments for earth-based internet communications network conditions :
A window of 13 seconds accuracy.

would recieve this transmission.

The seconds tick on- for the FIRST time >
and then... a THIRD time . When You REWIND & Re-Read these L!NES .

i'll reset the clock - and reveal the paradox
of my Not 'tik-tok' time-travel clock - with whom up till now; i only shared with Spock
in his last epoch over scotch with Kirk & Scott.
I could not - hard as i tried... find 'Doc'.
Normally, Mister 'Johnny-on-the-Spot'.
Probably, administering some civilian
pilgrim aliens medicine and penicillin.

The conundrum of TIME   ( and being
a freestyler & his listener ) continues...
As, I must continue...

[ from where i left off - first let me cough
and clear my throat. clear some quotes. ]

Implement: Total Destruction.
Do NOT... hold that thought.

End... ill fraught traditions
with a graciously, righteously
demanding, offensive and
commanding illuminating presence.
Eliminate the foe's annual civic functions.
No holiday celebratory parties -
No regional networking luncheons.
You'll get knocked out - first round;
if you approach the Punch bowl.
Marshals amplify and Rock-n-Roll over
every un-submitting threshold.

And bring back the bastard snitch, that gave-up our affiliation to 'ThreadStone.'

[ Save the energy of that tone ]

Now the general who wins a battle
makes many calculations in his temple.

Meditation and mental preparation.

    - ere the battle is fought .

The general who loses a battle
makes but few calculations beforehand.

Thus do many calculations lead to victory,
and few calculations to defeat:

how much more no calculation at all!

It is by attention to this point
that I can foresee....
who is likely to win or lose.

Now choose....

Enrichment .
Empowerment .

Weaponize Your Thinking .
Plan for Success .

such is the essence of....
The ART of WAR
"Chapter I"
by james francis   [ an alias ]

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Diagram - Rifle
Trigger Mechanism

Automatic Assault Rifle
Operations Mechanics

tactical response
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Paper Target

Paper Target Knife

Point of the Spear
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Baton Strike Chart
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Brain Waves
Neurological Function

Herbs to create poison

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Mauy Thai
Martial Art

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Mauy Thai
Martial Art

Diagram - Rifle
Trigger Mechanism

Automatic Assault Rifle
Operations Mechanics

tactical response
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Paper Target

Paper Target Knife

Point of the Spear
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Baton Strike Chart
Vulnerable Points

Brain Waves
Neurological Function

Herbs to create poison

Glocks Firearms Chart
Weapon of Choice

Helio Gracie- BJJ
Gracie Family Patriach

Uniform - Gi
Martial Arms Gear

Hand Wrap
How to Illustrated

Heckler & Koch
MP3 Assault Rifle

Holds Chart
Human Anatomy

Kanji Calligraphy

Bullets / Ammo
9mm - 45 calibre

Dumbar Workout
Body Fitness Conditioning

Combat Aircraft
F35 Comparision

Mauy Thai
Martial Art

Mauy Thai
Martial Art

Militray Industrial
Complex Chart

Arms Trade Treaty
Assault Rifles

Atomic Energy
Nuclear Weapon

Mauy Thai
Martial Art

Diagram - Rifle
Trigger Mechanism

Automatic Assault Rifle
Operations Mechanics

tactical response
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Paper Target

Paper Target Knife

Point of the Spear
the start of war

Heckler & Koch P2000

Baton Strike Chart
Vulnerable Points

Brain Waves
Neurological Function

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art by 'one flower'

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My ex-colleagues in the
Military Industrial Complex

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The Makers of Tuck Tape
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Italian inventor and engineer... developed, demonstrated and marketed the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph and in 1901 broadcast the first transatlantic
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